BFS Prompt #2: Definitely more private than public…

Considering that I’m way closer to 60 than any other younger age, that I was born and raised in the ultra-conservative U.S. upper midwest of the 1950s and 60s, and that my early education was in a Catholic elementary school (more about that some other day), it’s probably not surprising that I am hesitant to divulge personal information on this blog or anywhere else for that matter. Think “stiff upper lip,” “we don’t air our dirty laundry,” etc., and you will have a good idea of my inbred approach to sharing personal information.

The layout I’ve posted above is meaningful to me because it represents what and where I could be if I only gave up on some of the self-centered things I do…no, I’m not going to discuss any of those in any detail here (see para. 1 above). Suffice to say that I know I fall short of my own expectations and hope someday to do better than I am presently.

I’m entirely a digital scrapper. I have no patience with paper cutting, gluing, stamping, and embossing, etc., that paper scrappers use, or the mistakes or second thoughts I would have if I did paper scrapping. And, BTW, I applaud those of who paper scrap–you have way more patience than I do! As far as I’m concerned, one of the best things about digital scrapping is instant gratification. If I need something different for my layout, I can shop online at dozens of different outlets and, once I find what I’m looking for, it’s only a PayPal transaction away from appearing on my layout.

With respect to the BFS prompt about public or private, I’m of the opinion that digital scrapping makes that whole issue a little easier to deal with. For example, on this post’s layout I could have placed a small journaling element/text combination at the bottom right of the layout along with a few words of private commentary. Depending on how personal those comments were, I could decide to turn off the visibility of the journaling layer for the version that is posted on-line but turn visibility back on when I print the layout for use in an album.

Vintage Finds Page Kit by Kim Liddiard (12625dsp) at Digital Scrapbook Place
Fonts: Swenson, Century Gothic

3 thoughts on “BFS Prompt #2: Definitely more private than public…

  1. I love your header photo and your layout photo – they are just beautiful.
    The public and private issues are always difficult to deal with and I agree with you about the ease with which you can change a digital layout in order to post 🙂

  2. I love your photo! I have the serenity prayer engraved on a necklace – it’s one of my favorites. I love that you are a digi scrapper. I think any kind of scrapbooking is awesome. I am 98% a paper scrapper and anytime I see really cool digi layouts I’m trying to figure out how I would recreate them with paper. 🙂 But you are right about being able to turn things off and post only what you want people to see. I get that!

  3. Hi from a fellow class mate from SFB. Thanks for sharing your LO – the prayer is certainly relevant my life for all sorts of reasons. Im a paper scrapper and sometimes when buried under the mess I “create” I do wonder about digi!!

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