Buried Treasure

We are in the process of packing up most of our belongings in preparation for a “refreshing” project that is scheduled to start the first week in April. We are moving anything that will fit into a box to a storage unit in preparation for having wood flooring installed in five rooms of our home and painting done throughout. The work will be done in two stages—flooring and painting for half the house during one two-week period, then a week for us to move furniture back into finished rooms and out of the rooms that will be done during the subsequent two weeks. After thinking about how full our closets are, we decided that paying rent on a storage space for a couple of months was well worth it to not have to deal with all that stuff over and over again as we move in and out of various rooms of the house.

It’s been a lot of work, but it all paid off on Saturday when DH found a set of negatives he shot of Karen when she was about 4 years old. The photos capture a precious hour or two of Karen’s life at that point of time—somersaults, her favorite stuffed animal, a funny face or two, playing on the swingset. This photo used in the scrapping layout above is my favorite of the bunch…

These photos are extra precious because, for whatever reason, we don’t have many photos of Karen from that period of her life. It was the first summer in our new home and, after having moved twice in less than six months, I think our attention was more on nest-building than it was on making time for photos. So, these photos are very special to us—first because they are found treasure and second because they preserve memories of a time I was afraid we had failed to record.

We are lucky to have as many good photographs of Karen as we do. As a Navy photographer, DH was expected to be proficient with all the camera gear in the shop. One way that was accomplished was for the photographers to check out various cameras for training purposes. We don’t have very many color images of Karen as most training photography was done with black & white film because that was easier and less expensive to process than color film.

Scrapping Product Credits (all from Digital Scrapbook Place):
Year of Photos Mega Kit by DSP Designers (13748dsp)
Extra Remarkable Value Collection by Tina Chambers (13603dsp)
Daily Photo Blue Groupies by Lauren Bavin (10699dsp)
Glamour & Glitz Alpha by Meryl Bartho (Club Digital April 2009)

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