Kids, cats, computers, & cars

Lately it seems as if there is one natural disaster after the other, each one more terrible, at least in its own way, than the ones that came before.

Listening to news coverage of the triple disaster in Japan—earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear incidents—reminded me (again) of how uncertain life is and how quickly and dramatically circumstances can change. My family and I are fortunate beyond all measure that we haven’t had to deal with either natural or manmade disasters. Still, recent events make me wonder: if we ever did have to evacuate (assuming we had the luxury of even 30 minutes’ warning), what precious and valuable things would we choose to take with us?

Living things would obviously be a priority. DD & DSIL live in their own home so their immediate safety is out of our control, but our two cats, Slider and Peaches, would be quickly placed in their cages ready to travel to wherever. Our “important papers” lockbox would have to be next, followed closely by computers and external hard drives. Though framed family pictures and other memorabilia might be lost to whatever was threatening us, much of that is also stored digitally on our computers. Time and space permitting, we would also pack our cars with necessities such as food, water, some clothing and, importantly, some of the cross stitch treasures DD and I have crafted over the years. Also essential…cell phones and their chargers, cameras, and other useful electronics.

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