**Hi, Guys!

That’s how I greeted a couple of our tablemates when I spotted them on our Panama Canal cruise last year. They introduced me to S and S’s grandson. No sooner were the introductions complete than S started scolding me for my greeting, saying that she didn’t like being called a “guy”. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to spend as little time as possible with S, so after a minute or two, I excused myself by saying (unintentionally, honest!) “Bye, Guys!” and was once again rebuked by S for applying that term to her. Little did I know that this was just one of many S incidents I would see or hear about during the course of the cruise!

A cruise ship is big and, between guests and crew, there are a lot of people on it. There are also many activities and venues to help entertain passengers, so what are the chances that you run into the same person again and again? The chances are actually pretty high given that most people tend to follow the same routine from day to day, and that this is reinforced by the ship’s dinner time dining and entertainment scheduling. Since we were at the same dinner seating as S, we saw her there as well as in the ship’s theatre for evening entertainment events. We also spotted her at other times, usually when, at the top of her voice, she was being rude and/or opinionated to those around her. We even noted a couple of different occasions when she was accompanied by ship’s personnel who, it appeared, had been assigned to provide a buffer between S and other passengers. Yikes!!

I realize that “Hi, Guys” is an informal greeting and that some people consider the term “guy” to be male specific (though a check of Webster’s dictionary does indicate that “guy” can be used to refer to any person). In fact, in other contexts, I do say “guy” when I mean a male and “gal” when I am referring to a female. However, I like “hi, guys” in an informal, mixed gender setting and, despite S’s complaints, I intend to keep on using it!

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