**Better sorry than safe?

My natural (or perhaps developed) instinct is to be cautious, so I’m thinking that if I was presented with a series of related either/or choices where one option was obviously “safer” than the other that I would most likely opt for the safer choice. That said, this question does prompt several related thoughts:

• It’s usually better to do something than it is to do nothing

• “Sorry” might be worth it if the possible risk is less than the likely reward

• It’s often easier to beg for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission

• Nothing ventured, nothing gained

• No pain, no gain

I’ve often wondered how advanced the human race would be if there weren’t risk takers among us. Consider explorers, scientists, writers, artists, etc., who faced possible ridicule, financial ruin, danger, and even death in the pursuit of their respective visions. What would the world be like if Columbus hadn’t been bold enough to sail away from Spain’s safe shore to find the “New World?” What would the U.S. be like if settlers hadn’t been willing to traverse rivers, mountains, and deserts to homestead in western territories? How advanced would medical science be if people were unwilling to take part in clinical trials or undergo experimental surgery?

In regard to this question, it seems to me that I am able to choose “safe” options in most situations because others before me have taken risks that helped create the safe environment I enjoy today.

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