Decisions, decisions…

I love the feeling I get when I’ve made a decision, even if it’s one as simple as what I plan to fix for dinner tonight. Why? For me, it’s the sense of freedom I have after the decision is made. Having settled that one thing, I can start working on implementing whatever I finally decided or move onto something else that needs attention. The opposite is true about the period leading up to a decision—I let myself get bogged down and don’t accomplish as much as I should. I also spend nearly as much time and effort worrying over simple matters as I do about larger issues—almost as if I’m paralyzed until I finally settle for myself what I intend to do.

These days our decisions are revolving around color choices for window treatments and our interior repaint. We haven’t done much with the house since we moved in seven years ago and, frankly, it shows!! Part of the reason it’s taken this long is that I’m color- and design-phobic. I’m hoping, however, that the combination of advice from family and friends and suggestions from the window treatment designer will help narrow the choices from the infinite to the possible. Another limiting factor is that the painter will only allow six color choices within his current estimate. It’s going to be a HUGE job because we are also installing wood floors wherever we currently have carpet. The good news is that we will get all this done and only have to move the furniture out and back one time.

The signpost pictured above is located in Center Harbor, New Hampshire, one of the places we visited in the autumn of 2003 when we were on what we termed our “farewell” tour of New England. We had decided earlier in the year to make our long-awaited move to Florida and were lucky enough to sell our house in record time. In fact, it sold so quickly that construction on our new home hadn’t even started! We ended up storing all our belongings except what was needed for the one-bedroom apartment we rented in the interim. Without the responsibility of a larger home and accompanying yard chores, we found we had time on the weekends to revisit our favorite places in New England and, along the way, we discovered a number of other places, such as this, that we’d never taken the time before to see. The scenery here, especially in the special golden light of autumn, was spectacular and the crisp, cool air that is an earmark of autumn in New England made this part of our farewell tour truly memorable.

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