Going public!

I started using a blog reader a few months ago as a way to keep up with favorite sites. Eventually I migrated away from the scrapbooking and photo techniques sites that I started with and began subscribing to personal blogs. It was fun to read others’ thoughts and ideas and, sometimes, to have an armchair view of their adventures. I was also amazed at how prolific some bloggers are, with daily posts on their own blogs, comments on others’ blogs, and, in some cases, participating with others on collaborative blogs.

It wasn’t too long before I decided to start my own blog, mostly as a way to record some of “the ordinary and extraordinary happenings” of my everyday life. Until now, I’ve kept it private—mostly because I wasn’t sure I had anything to say that anyone else would be interested in but, with encouragement from Kat Sloma’s “Find Your Eye” on-line class, I’ve decided to go public.

The first assignment is to discuss why I take photos and what draws me to photography. The why is easy: I am an enthusiastic scrapbooker and want to create photos that can be used to tell the story of the people, places, and events I encounter. I want the photos I take to be technically correct, simply because they are easier to use if they don’t have to be manipulated in order to achieve a nice looking photograph. As much as my technical skills need to be improved, I also need to be more observant of my surroundings, and I need to develop a creative eye in order to see the photographic potential in an ordinary scene. I’m drawn to photography because it seems to me to be fairly manageable, i.e., I think I can eventually become technically proficient with photographic tools (and I’m lucky enough to have a good camera, editing software, etc.) whereas other artistic pursuits such as painting or sculpture, for example, seem entirely too daunting to even consider.

This photo is the first one I’ve posted for the “Find Your Eye” class. It is not illustrative of this blog entry—instead I’m adding it here so I can come back to it in a few weeks or months as a marker of my starting place.

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