Seeking grace

Like many others, I’ve decided to focus on a single word during 2011—to explore how that word is used in literature, what it means to people I admire, and, most importantly, how I can improve my life and piece of the world by incorporating the things I learn into my lifestyle.

My word for the year is “grace.” Why that word compared to the many others I might have chosen? For me, it’s a matter of gap analysis—it seems to me that, while I am happy with my life as it is right now, my life would be even more enjoyable if I can develop attributes that I associate with grace, e.g., elegance, caring, thoughtfulness, finesse, refinement, a signature style, etc.

What aspects of my life am I looking to change? Our home, for one! We moved into this house seven (!) years ago and still have the original paint in most rooms and the most modest of window coverings throughout. The things we brought with us don’t necessarily fit in this floorplan and even the things we bought specifically for this house are beginning to look shopworn. I want to be proud of our home and to have it better reflect the things we enjoy and are interested in.

I need to decide on a theme and/or inspiration piece to guide the decoration of our home so we can get away from the hodgepodge of accessories we currently have (think cookie jars, a few old cameras, some beer jugs, colorful wine bottles, etc.). We have a lot of stuff, but there’s really not enough of any one type of thing to make a style statement. I’m hoping that being attentive to the things that strike me as graceful will help us finally make this house into a warm and welcoming home.

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