Just do it!

I’m a great procrastinator, especially when the task that needs done is one I don’t really want to do. And I know that it’s easier to just do whatever it is than it is to worry about it, but I don’t usually follow my own advice.

That is always the case with sending Christmas cards. We send more than 80 cards every year, so the idea of signing that many cards and addressing that many envelopes is just not appealing. Added to that is my own self-imposed requirement that we can’t send the cards without including a note or letter of some kind. So this weekend, with less than two weeks until Christmas, I knew I really needed to tackle our card project.

I stalled on Friday night and Saturday and somewhere along the way decided this was the year to convert to mailing labels rather than hand-addressed envelopes. DH was nice enough to take on that part of the project. Next came the letter and naturally, once I put some thought into it, it came together rather nicely. Finally, late yesterday afternoon, I was ready to print the letters but, after only a few copies, we ran out of toner so DH will have to get another cartridge today. Still, with any luck at all, we should be able to finish the cards tonight and mail them tomorrow. Then we can enjoy the holiday greetings we receive knowing that our friends and family will soon be receiving our cards too.

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