These Old Ornaments

…are hard to part with.

I don’t even like some of these ornaments, a few are too big to fit on our slim tree, and others are so worn that I don’t want to put them on the tree any more but, somehow, I can’t bring myself to toss them. Every year I do the same thing…unwrap them from their protective tissue paper, think about throwing them away, and then wrap them back up again for next year.

What’s the attachment? Mostly, I guess, it’s that each of these ornaments has a story and a place in our family history. The clothespin ornaments, for example, were passed on to us from DH’s aunt and uncle, two of the nicest people we’ve ever known, so discarding those would seem like throwing away a memory of them. Some are DD’s art projects and are precious because they remind of us of when she was little and how excited she was to have something to add to the tree.

Though there might come a time when I’m ready to thin out our ornament collection, that’s not happening this year because all those precious memories are once again safely wrapped and stored until next year.

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