The Writing Habit

Why is it so difficult to develop and stick with a good habit when it is so easy to maintain a bad one?

I admire the bloggers I follow, especially the few who write one or more daily posts for their own blogs and perhaps contribute to other blogs as well. Where do the ideas come from? How do they find (make?) the time to write about their daily experiences? What is it they do in order to appreciate their every day experiences enough to, first, note them and, second, find them interesting enough to write about so they are worthy of sharing? How have they developed the confidence in their writing that they don’t spend hour upon hour editing and revising what they’ve written before they are willing to say “good enough”?

Most of the blogs I enjoy include one or more photographs that support the subject of the post. As I pondered my fledgling blogging effort, I came across these words in a post at Shutter Sisters: “Photographing the seemingly ordinary provides me with a way to find magic and beauty in my everyday life. It slows down my rapid pace and helps me focus (literally and figuratively) on what’s really important.” This is definitely a perspective worth adopting.

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