21st Century Diary

I started using a blog reader a few months ago and was amazed at how much easier it was to keep up with favorite sites. At first most of the sites I followed were related to digital scrapbooking, photography, and photoshop/lightroom. Lately, though, I’ve been adding what I call “inspirational” sites where the writers share their thoughts in both word and picture. I’m impressed that people make writing about their everyday lives a priority and that much of what they have to offer is some combination of thoughtful, provocative, and fun. I guess blogs can be considered 21st century diaries and, so it seems, an ages-old habit continues in a new format.

 So, I’ve decided to try this for myself. To me, my everyday life seems very ordinary, and I’m not sure I’ll find something noteworthy each day. It will be a challenge for me to, first, be more aware of both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of the day and, second, to take the time to record my impressions of these moments in some combination of text and photo.

 Consider this the inaugural entry in my blog, Tidbits & Treasures!

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