Emily Dart Martin

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Our first introduction to Emily Dart Martin was the result of a simple Ancestry.com query for Emily D. Martin, with search terms related to the notations on the back of a portrait I found in a local antiques shop (think: name, year, location). That search yielded Emily’s listing in the 1899 “Cornellian” yearbook, where she was identified as a student of “Arts”. Also key: that listing provided her middle name, “Dart.”

Emily’s 1920 census report enumerated Emily, age 46, and her mother Adelaide, age 77, living in Albany, Albany, New York. The location and Emily’s occupation, Examiner, correspond to a 1910 enumeration when Emily was living with her sister and brother-in-law, Mabel and Floyd H. Wright, in Bethlehem, Albany, New York. Her occupation in 1910 was similarly enumerated as “Lat. Examiner,” a bit of information that provides some insight regarding Emily’s educational background.

Adelaide Candace Dart Martin passed away on 2 April 1920, less than three months after the 1920 census was taken. After a funeral held in Emily’s home, Adelaide’s body was returned to Worcester, Otsego County, New York, where is buried in the family plot in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Emily remained in Albany until at least 1940 where she was enumerated at age 66. Her occupation was listed as Regents Examiner for the State Education Department. She was likely an employee of that agency for most of her work life.

By 1946, Emily had retired and moved to Ithaca, New York, where she lived until her death at age 93 on 13 September 1966.

Emily Dart Martin obituary, The Ithaca Journal (Ithaca, New York), Wednesday, 14 September 1966, page 5 (transcription followed by excerpt from Newspapers.com):

“Miss Emily D. Martin
Miss Emily Dart Martin, 93,…
1966 Martin, Emily Dart obituary (partial)

As noted in her obituary, Emily was a retired Latin and Greek examiner for the (New York) State Education Department. The article also noted her membership at the First Presbyterian Church, the same church her sister Mabel attended.

Sibling Profiles

Another essential practice in genealogy is to search for records of a focal person’s parents, siblings, and other relatives as well as friends and other associates. Early to mid-century twentieth century newspapers often printed obituaries, society and business news, and occasionally even “noteworthy” (think “sensational”) stories from locations far removed from the newspaper’s distribution area. It turns out that, except for Emily’s older brother Homer, who died at age 7, each of her siblings had their own very interesting stories.

Homer W. Martin – born 26 August 1870; died 20 December 1877 (source: Find A Grave memorial). I have not found any information regarding Homer’s cause of death.

Mabel Elvira Martin – born 29 April 1876; died 12 May 1967 (sources: U.S. Social Security Index, obituary (The Ithaca Journal, 13 May 1967), and Find A Grave memorial).

Census reports indicate Mabel Elvira Martin married Floyd H. Wright about 1904 (source: 1910 U.S. Census for the Wright, Floyd H. household at Selkirk Village, Town Bethlehem, Albany County, New York (Sheet 7B, Supervisor’s District No. 7, Enumeration District No. 104). Floyd and Mabel had two children: Norwood G. (b approx. 1907) and Adelaide C. (born approx. 1910).

Mabel’s 1967 obituary (Ithaca Journal, 13 May 1967) states she is the widow of Floyd H. Wright, but it appears Floyd and Mabel parted ways many years before then because Floyd’s obituary (Chicago Tribune, 27 September 1953) states his surviving spouse as Cora. Floyd’s obituary also lists his children as son Norwood and daughter Adelaide.

The couple’s separation may have occurred around 1930 because that year’s census records enumerate Floyd H. Wright as a roomer in Chicago City, Cook County, Illinois. His occupation is listed as Engineer/Electrical. Meantime, Mabel Wright and 19-year-old daughter Adelaide are enumerated as roomers in Chatham, Columbia County, New York. Mabel’s occupation is listed as teacher/high school. Adelaide is enumerated as a student. The couple’s son, Norwood G, is most likely enumerated in Barberton City, Summit County, Ohio. His occupation is listed as Engineer/Boiler Factory.

In 1940, Mabel is enumerated as head of household in a rented home. Her occupation is listed as grade teacher/high school. We also learn in this census that Mabel completed two years of college. According to her obituary, Mabel retired in 1941 and moved to Ithaca, New York where she lived with her daughter, Adelaide, for at least several years.

Norman Sayre Martin – born 07 May 1879; died 30 December 1957 (sources: death certificate 30 December 1957; obituary (The Mercury, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, 07 January 1958; Newspapers.com articles; and census and draft registration records).

Norman was enumerated on his parents’ 1880 census report as “Norman S.” and 1 year old. In 1900, when he was 21 years old, he was living in the Margaret Fenn household, presumably as a boarder, but that field is populated with “teacher” rather than his relationship to the head of household. Interestingly, the Fenn household was in the same enumeration district as Adelaide Martin’s household.

By 1918, Norman had relocated to Pottstown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where he likely met Pearl Anna Sotter. They were married 27 June 1916 at the home of Pearl’s parents, Henry and Eva Marie (Palmer) Sotter. According to Norman’s 1918 draft registration report, he was employed by the Pottstown School Board as a commercial teacher. The couple’s only known child, Emily Dart Martin (most likely named after her paternal aunt, Emily Dart Martin, or possibly her paternal great grandmother, Emily (Smith) Dart) was born in Pottstown on August 27, 1917. Sadly, she died on April 20, 1918 of epilepsy and was buried at Pottstown Cemetery West on April 23, 1918.

Norman and Pearl lived on the same street their entire married life. In 1918, they were living with Pearl’s parents. By 1920, they moved a house or two away, and by 1930 it appears they were on the opposite side of the street. Norman remained an employee of the Pottstown School Board until his retirement sometime between 1939 and 1940. He apparently earned the respect of his colleagues because, in 1936, he was reported as the high school faculty’s representative at the memorial service for the school’s deceased vice principal. A 1939 newspaper article identified Norman as both the school’s vice principal and commercial teacher, so it appears he had both teaching and administrative abilities and responsibilities during his career.

Norman died on December 30, 1957, at age 78, of long-term cardiac disease. Pearl died on September 24, 1961, at age 74, of a condition related to diabetes. Norman and Pearl were both cremated; disposition of their remains is not cited.

Harry Wheeler Martin – born 16 November 1880; died 18 June 1969 (sources: death certificate, 18 June 1969; and census and draft registration reports).

Born a few months after the 1880 census and lacking the burned 1890 U.S. Census when he would have been about nine years old, Harry Wheeler Martin first appears at age 19 in the 1900 U.S. Census enumeration of Esopus, Ulster County, New York, as a boarder in the John J. House household. His occupation is listed as “school teacher.” He is next located in the 1910 U.S. census in the household of his mother, Adelaide (Dart) Martin’s household, where his occupation is enumerated as “high school teacher”.

Harry married Frances Elizabeth Evans, also a teacher, on 27 June 1911 in Middletown, Orange County, New York. One of the witnesses, N. S. Martin, is likely Harry’s older brother Norman Sayre Martin.

By 1920, Harry and Frances were living in Yonkers, Westchester County, New York. Harry’s occupation is listed as teacher. The couple had four children: Margaret, born approx. 1912; Jane, born approx. 1914; Eleanor, born approx. 1915; and Robert, born approx. 1917. The family was subsequently enumerated in the 1930 U.S. Census in Yonkers, New York. No other children were added to the family in the interim, but Harry’s employment indicated he was a teacher at Columbia (presumably “University”). The family’s 1940 U.S. census report lists Harry’s occupation as high school teacher, while his 1942 World War II draft registration records his employer as “Teachers College-Columbia U.”

Frances died in New York in 1965. Harry died 18 June 1969, at age 88, in Arlington, Virginia, where he may have lived with or near the couple’s daughter, Margaret E. Martin. Margaret was a statistician for the Bureau of the Budget (which eventually became the Office of Management and Budget) beginning in 1942, where she worked for much of her career. Born sometime in 1912, she died 16 May 2012 in Bethesda, Maryland.

Charles Edward Martin – born 03 November 1882; died 28 May 1955 (sources: obituary (The Oneonta Star, Oneonta, New York, 07 January 1958); and census and draft registration reports).

Charles first appeared at age 17 in the 1900 U.S. Census enumeration in the household of his widowed mother, Adelaide [Candace Dart] Martin in Worcester, Otsego, New York. At age 27 in the 1910 U.S. Census, Charles remained in his mother’s household where his occupation was enumerated as Salesman/General Store.

According to his obituary, Charles married Grace Odell in Worcester, Otsego, New York on 27 December 1913.

On his 1918 World War I draft registration, Charles reported his occupation as Assembler in Ilion, Herkimer, New York (I can’t make out the company’s name, but my best guess is it was an arms/armory manufacturing concern). He also reported his permanent address as Worcester, Otsego, New York.

Charles was subsequently enumerated in the 1920 U.S. census in Worcester, Otsego, New York with wife Grace, and three sons, Charles, Homer, and Odell. His occupation was farmer.

By 1930, Charles and Grace had relocated to nearby Laurens, Otsego, New York, and had added two more children, Eva G. and Peter L., to their family. Sadly, the couple’s oldest son, Charles, died in 1929. Charles’ occupation at that time was enumerated as agent/insurance co. According to his obituary (Oneonta Star, 31 May 1955), Charles’ insurance relationship was with Prudential Life Insurance Company.

By 1940, Charles and Grace had relocated to Milford Township, Otsego, New York, where Charles’ occupation was once again cited as farmer/dairy farm. Their census report also enumerates their surviving children: Homer F., age 23, occupation laborer/dairy farm; Odell D., age 22, occupation laborer/poultry farm; Eva, age 18, occupation not listed; and Peter L., age 16, occupation not listed.

Charles died 28 May 1955, at age 72, in Milford, New York. Grace (Odell) Martin died 02 February 1959, at age 72, in Bridgewater, New York. The couple is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Worcester, New York.

The Family Matriarch

Available records, including an Ancestry member-supplied obituary, provide some insight into the life of Adelaide Candace (Dart) Martin, the mother of our subject, Emily Dart Martin and her five siblings.

According to her obituary, Adelaide was born in September 1842 in Harpersfield, Delaware County, New York. Adelaide’s first appearance in official records was at age 7 in the 1850 U.S Census of Harpersfield in the household of her parents, Anson and Emily Dart, where she was enumerated as the youngest of her parents then reported six children.

Adelaide’s obituary stated she married Charles Wheeler Martin in 1869. This is supported by an 1870 U.S Census document that enumerated Charles W., “Addie” C., and Elvira, Charles’ 67-year-old mother, living in Worcester, Otsego County, New York. By 1880, Charles and Adeline had parented four children, Homer (b. 1870, d. 1877), Emily (b. 1873), Mabel (b. 1876), and Norman S. (b. 1879). Charles’ mother, Elvira, at age 77, was also enumerated with the family.

According to Adelaide’s obituary, her husband, Charles Wheeler Martin, died in 1885. The couple’s surviving children at that time included Emily (~ age 12), Mabel (~ age 9), Norman (~ age 6), Harry (b. post-census 1880, ~ age 5), and Charles (b. 1882, ~ age 3).

Adelaide’s obituary also states that the family moved to Worcester (presumably to the town of Worcester from a rural area also associated with Worcester as both their 1870 and 1880 census reports indicated they lived in Worcester, Otsego, New York). In any case, according to her obituary, Adelaide’s primary reason for moving was to give her children the benefit of Worcester schools.

Adelaide’s vision bore fruit. Each of her surviving children attended some college. We already know that Emily graduated from Cornell University in 1899, and, courtesy of the 1940 U.S. census, which enumerated “highest grade of school completed”, we learned that Mabel completed 2 years at college; Norman, 4; Harry, 5; and Charles, 2. We will learn more about Emily’s siblings in the next post.

Adelaide moved to Albany, New York, sometime between the 1910 and 1920 U.S. censuses, where she lived with her oldest daughter, Emily. Adelaide died in Emily’s home on 2 April 1920. She is buried with her husband, Charles Wheeler Martin, in Maple Grove Cemetery, Worcester, Otsego, New York.